Orders Issued-2011


6.Inclusion of RCs & Spl.Commsrs in SLCCC

7.Freezing of Administrative Boundaries
8.Inclusion of Commsr-BBMP in SLCCC
9.Delegation of Powers to Charge Officers
10.Inclusion of Principal Secy to Edn. Dept. and Addl.Commsrs of PI in SLCCC
11.Constitution of District level CC for Census
12.General Instructions_Heads of Govt.Departments
13.General Instructions to Govt. Departments-Kan
14.Notification of dates of Houselisting Operations in the State
15.Creation of Posts for 2011 Census and NPR
16.Utilization of School Teachers
17.Earned Leave to School Teachers_HLOs
18.Ban on Transfer of Officers appointed for 2011 Census
19.Payment of Contingencies_Release of funds , Head of Account & Accounting Procedure
20.Appointment of Local Registrars for preparation of NPR-General
21.Payment of Contingencies to Charges_for Houselisting & Population Enumeration
22.Payment of Salaries_Clerical Assistance
23.Payment of Honorarium_HHC&PE_Accounting Procedure
24.Payment of Honorarium_NPR_Accounting Procedure
25.Payment of salaries for clerical assistance_Corrigendum
26.Payment of Honorarium & Training Allowance for HLOs_NPR
27.Payment of Contingencies to Charge Officers for NPR
28.Restriction on Elections_Surveys_Other Activities during Census 2011 period

29.Additional Allocation of funds for Honorarium and Training Allowance for HLO and NPR

30.Release of balance Contingency funds to Charge Officers

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